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We are starting our 11th season! We have grown from one tournament a year to over 200 events across the south.
2014-2015 Season

We are posting the 2014/2015 season events.  Check back often to see additional dates.  Our goal is to have the entire season posted in just a few weeks.  Nationals and some of our bigger events are posted now.

HoopPlay ALL-STARS Camp & Show Case

We will be Hosting 10 All-Star Camps this fall across the south.  Each player will have the opportunity to be viewed and ranked by recruiting services, college coaches (when applicable) and high school coaches.  The participants will attend skills training and be placed on a team to play real games to showcase their skills.  Dates will be posted here soon

Fall 2014 Fall Camps
The 2014 fall camp schedule will be posted soon!


We are excited about the upcoming fall and the 2015 season! Visit back often to view the new additions and changes! 
Thank you for your support!